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Thursday night, May 30, 2019  

Bros For Christ
Get on board.

Heavenly Bound Baptist Church Choir
Jesus is on the mainline.

Words Of Encouragement
Pastor Don Stewart
Heavenly Bound Baptist Church

Tomberlin Baptist Church Choir
It'll be alright.

Inspirational Address
Minister Arthur Patterson

Eudora Baptist Church Choir
Every step I take.

Pastor Starling Shorty
Eudora Baptist Church
England, Ar.
Suited up for the battle.

Friday night, May 31, 2019  

Second Baptist Mass Choir
I know it was Jesus.

East Macedonia Baptist Church Choir
We need to go back.

A prayer for Clifton Hayes./ Words of encouragement.
Pastor Alonzo Hayes
Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Chuech
Tucker, Ar.

Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church Choir
Move upstairs.

As I know him.
Pastor James Hayes
Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church
Mayflower, Ar.

Try Jesus.
Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church Choir

Pastor Alonzo Hayes
Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Mayflower, Ar.
You must have the holy ghost.

Sunday, June  2  2019

Bros. For Christ
Leaning on the Lord.

S B C Junior Choir
My God.

As a pastor.
Sis. Louise Thompson

Inspirational Address
Rev. Alvertis Horn

S B C Mass Choir
Pressing on.

Rev. Patrick Green
Associate Minister
St. Peter Baptist Church
Little Rock, Ar.
The call.

Rev. Patrick Green
I'm going on.

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